Guide to AWS Cloud Computing

Guide to AWS Cloud Computing


As per the present scenario, the emergence of modern technology in the field of computing is the prime cause for explosion of huge amount of data. Here the data may be structured, unstructured or even semi-structured.  As per the modern application aspect, we are having so many advance applications like YouTube, Netflix, Instagram etc which is used to deals with large data and they are used to produce a huge data in the range of terabyte per day. Similarly, when we are going to dealt with raw data the store and its accessibility is very important. And Hence now a days the cloud is the first preference. Every corporate is now migrating to have their application development with could base computing technique. As per the analysis, we know that in the field of cloud computing, the AWS has been acquire the top position for almost 6 years now and they are going to remains in the market for long time.


What is AWS?

The AWS is the acronym of Amazon web services which is the cloud computing platform by in more precise way the AWS as a service aims towards providing large computing capacity inn a quick manner with an affordable way. Hence It is being widely used across the globe everywhere like Oregon, California, Virginia, South America Sao Paulo, Dublin, Frankfurt, Asia Pacific Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo etc.

AWS Principal UX Designer:

1.      Whenever we are going for cloud innovation challenge then Amazon is the best example which is well suited here.

2.      The Amazon is considered as a world best customer-centric company.

3.      To get there, you must need to be talented, and technology driven.

4.      As per the analysis, the Amazon Web Services (AWS), is considered as a leader in cloud computing technology, because it is used to provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform.

5.   Because in most of the cloud computing environment these factors are matters a lot.

Role and description:

1.      As I have already discussed above that The Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is being considered as a leader in cloud computing technology is used to provides us a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform.

2.      If you are trying to be there, then by using its Cloud Innovation Centre you can have the option with you.

3.      It is mostly looking for a human-cantered, versatile, experienced UX Designer.

4.      They need the person to participate in innovation challenges so that they can be able to get the good quality candidates having the good design prototypes. 

Basic qualifications required:

To make the process smoother and simplest the AWS has set some benchmark. If a candidate is needed to pursue his career in AWS, then he must need to fulfil these criteria. Here I am going to discuss the basic qualification as below.

1.      The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in design, HCI, or equivalent professional experience.

2.      If they have 10+ years of experience as a UX designer, then it will add a great mileage to their career.

3.      5+ years as a lead designer for customer engagements across multi-disciplinary product teams.

4.      They must be able to demonstrate the experience leading user research in many forms, both qualitative and quantitative.

5.      If the candidate has a good, demonstrate experience working in SCRUM/agile processes then they will be more preferred.

6.      If the candidate has a good exposure to design and prototyping tools, such as Figma, Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite, etc. then they could be able to have a better scope.  

Benefits of AWS:

As you know that the AWS (Amazon Web Services certifications) is very much trendy now a days so if you becoming AWS certified, then there are numerous advantages you will get.  Such as

·        You could be able to validate your skills and knowledge in the preeminent cloud computing platform.

·        You are getting the option to consistently listed among the top paying info-tech certifications worldwide.

·        You could be able to garner more interviews for aspiring cloud specialists, and higher wages once hired.

·      You could be got recognized industry wide as reliable and well-designed tech credentials.

Scope @ N9 IT Solutions:

1.      N9 IT Solutions is a leading IT development and consulting firm providing a broad array of customized solutions to clients throughout the United States. We established primarily with an aim to provide consulting and IT services in today’s dynamic environment.

2.      We established primarily with an aim to provide consulting and IT services in today’s dynamic environment.

3.      N9 IT also offers consulting services in Java/J2ee, Cloud Computing, Database Solutions, DevOps, ERP, Mobility, Big Data, Application Development, Infrastructure Managed Services, Quality Assurance and Testing.


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