How DevOps Helps Your Organization

How DevOps Helps Your Organization


AWS DevOps is basically a platform for implementing the DevOps philosophy using its cloud platform. In today’s competitive business environment, the AWS DevOps has emerged as a vital solution that helps organizations meet ever growing industry demands. It is usually having the dedicated tools and services. It is used to provides a set of flexible services which are especially designed to enable companies to develop and deliver the product more rapidly and reliably using AWS and DevOps practices. The State of DevOps report helps us understand how the practices associated with DevOps effect IT and organizational performance. 

What is AWS DevOps & Why?

As per the present scenario and the before, due to the emergence of AWS DevOps it is being considered as a vital solution which helps the organizations to meet ever growing industry demands. It is usually having the dedicated tools and services. In contrast to the 2016 State of DevOps report which clearly indicates about it’s plain and simple that companies which incorporate DevOps practices get more done and they are in the profit zone. These companies are showing drastically different results than low performers.

Tools for AWS DevOps:

I would like to discuss few important tools here which will help you to have a kickstart the development process.

1.   You might have heard about the CodeStar. It is a particularly useful tool to conduct DevOps on AWS. It is basically used to provides an intuitive user interface which will helps the users effortlessly to develop, build, and deploy applications on AWS. 

  1. AWS Cloud Development Kit: It is an open-source software development framework that uses familiar programming languages for modelling and provisioning cloud application resources.
  2. AWS CodeBuild: It is a tool which is an integration service that scales continuously and processes multiple builds.
  3. AWS CodeDeploy: This tool automates software deployments to several different computer services like Amazon EC2, AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda, or any other on-premises servers you choose.
  4. AWS CodePipeline: This DevOps tool automates your continuously delivered code for rapid and accurate updates

Architecture overview of SCP Cloud Foundry app integration with AWS DevOps

AWS DevOps Advantage:

Due to its extraordinary capabilities, it is used to provide the more improvement in terms of their development strategies of the product. These improvements and findings can be organized under the following categories as mentioned below:


Working Strategies in AWS DevOps 

1.   Performance:

As we have already mentioned earlier that the DevOps is usually having the dedicated tools and services for its operations, so it enables the continuous software delivery with less complex problems to fix. It is also much reliable and faster resolution of problems. It has certainly helped organizations such as Etsy, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and Google to revolutionize their performance levels and deploy at a never-before-seen rate.

·         Let us consider the Case Study of Facebook. As we all know that the Facebook has one of the richest use-cases of DevOps in the world.

·         It uses this approach to deploys hundreds and thousands of code updates per day while delivering world-class stability, reliability and security.

·         It seamlessly manages bi-weekly app and used to updates.

2.   Security:

When we are going to consider any environment then security is the most important factor for which we are looking for. In most of the situation, the Higher performance is not the only payoff but also the security is also important. In the DevOps culture we could be able to find both the combinations. If we take the survey, then the Organizations who have adopted the DevOps practices are known to have better information security. As discussed above if we could see the report of 2016 State of DevOps Report, then it clearly states that organizations that integrate information security objectives into daily work spend 50% less time re-mediating security issues.

So, based on report analysis and finding in stark contrast to the misconception that Security and DevOps do not work well together. There are several topmost organisations are present which has adopted the culture of AWS DevOps such as Etsy and Twitter have busted this myth with their successful integration of security and DevOps.

3.   Employee Engagement:

As per the present scenario and report analysis we have found that the organization that does not apply the DevOps methodology are used to have very complex strategy and their employee engagement is also very poor in terms of productivity. In such companies the development team were used to writes code and develops a product which is then sent to the testing team that verifies if the code meets the requirements. It is usually a long-time practice and requires more time. So, most of the time the employee engagement is not able to be get done in proper manner.  The operations team steps in to run the product only after this process is complete. 

Hence, the concept of AWS DevOps philosophy was created to break these silos and bring the companies out of it by providing the better productivity where the teams are allowed to get operate in and affect better collaboration and performance.

The culture shift that DevOps brings about in organizations is substantial and since culture is a key factor responsible for a company’s performance, application of the DevOps philosophy provides specific results.

Let us consider the AWS DevOps working strategies of most popular companies like Infosys.

If we could try to see the previous record, then Infosys have achieved a 5-7% effort reduction across projects. It is used to get such reduction by using collaborative life cycle management solutions and DevOps methods. The fig shows below will let you know about the lifecycle stages of AWS DevOps.

Based on these prospects the Infosys organization could be able to manages 4,000 application development, maintenance, and infrastructure management projects per year. If we relate this analysis with respect to other companies then it is a great hike that the Infosys has achieved by adopting this DevOps culture.

Typical DevOps Culture adopted by fortune 500 Organizations


Here before you need to start the process first you need to set up the pipeline. So, to do the things in proper manner we assume that following prerequisites have been completed.

  1. You must need to have the access and authorization to an SCP regular account or at least you should have the SCP trial account.
  2. Create GIT credentials for your user. For reference purpose you can see the CodeCommit setup documentation to generate GIT credentials.
  3. Create a new AWS CodeCommit repository. Choose an appropriate unique name with description.
  4. Copy the repository url upon successful creation. Your connection type will be HTTPS.

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